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A Guide to Animal Diseases in South Africa: Game
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Review By: Agri - March/Maart - April 2011

This is the first comprehensive guide to wildlife diseases published in South Africa. It is aimed at game-farm owners, game ranchers and other involved in the management and handling of wildlife. 
The guide contains 190 photographs, illustrations, maps and parasite life cycles. 
A Guide to Animal Diseases in South Africa: Game covers the most common diseases and parasites in mammalian wildlife species that are generally kept on game farms. 

The book has:

  • introductory chapters on the species kept by game farms, the importance of an eco-system and the management of game farms, with reference to the impact on the health of wildlife, management of "problem animals" and the raising of orphaned wildlife species;
  • a section on diseases, prefaced by a discussion of some common non-infectious conditions, such as nutritional problems, trauma and capture myopathy;
  • the causes, symptoms, treatment and control measures of specific infectious diseases in herbivores, equids, porcines and carnivores;
  • the effect of parasites on various species and the preventative measures for introducing resistant parasites in particular is discussed, illustrated with the use of life cycles and photographs;
  • a section devoted to the causes of poisoning of wildlife by means of indigenous and exotic plants, as well as various chemicals.


Pamela Oberem is a writer and veterinarian. She headed the vaccine production units of the foot-and-mouth-disease laboratory and Onderstepoort Biological Products for a number of years. She has written various books and articles on infectious diseases and vaccine production. 

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