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Ecoguide - Namaqualand
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Review By: Afgriland - January/February 2009

Many people have lost a piece of their hearts amongst the more that 3000 different species of Namaqualand's wildflowers. It is, however, also admirable for its wider range of fauna and flora and has been described as a succulent desert, enriched by large and beautiful bulb flora.

Ecoguide Namaqualand, by John Manning, shares the heart of this narrow stretch of country along the south-west coast of South Africa with its readers and wants to enable future tourists as well as dedicated fans to make the most of their visit to the area. This easy-to-use guide includes:

  • Background on the birds, insects, spiders, reptiles and mammals found in each area.
  • Common and scientific names, illustrations and descriptions of more than 200 wildflowers, shrubs and trees.
  • Each species' habits, flowering times, local uses and distribution map.
  • An indigenous quick quide to help identify plants at a glance.
  • 300 photographs
  • A tourist map, and
  • A travel adviser that highlights recommended destinations, contact details and routes.

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