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Company Profile

Business Address: 121 Soutpansberg Road
Postal Adress: PO Box 11050
Tel: 012 329 3896
Fax: 012 329 4525
Vat Registration no: 487 010 4926
Company registration no: CK / 1990 / 011690 / 23
a. Company History
Briza Publications is a small, independent publishing house based in Gauteng, South Africa. It was started in 1990 with the sole purpose of publishing an identification guide to grasses of South Africa. Now in it's third edition, Guide to Grasses of southern Africa is still a perennial bestseller! From these humble beginnings Briza has grown into a leading publisher of books on botany in South Africa.
b. Our business
We specialise in publishing titles on botany and natural history for the local and international market. All our titles are of high quality, have a practical approach and the content is highly informative.
a. Vision statement
To be the major publisher of titles on botany and natural history in South Africa, and to export our books and expertise globally.
b. Mission Statement
  • To provide our authors with excellent service by creating outstanding products, and develop and promote their profiles.
  • To provide excellent service by accurate and timely delivery of our clients' orders.
  • To run a sustainable, financially viable and inspiring company to the satisfaction of its owners.
  • To promote awareness for conservation, and appreciation of our wonderful natural heritage.
c. Values
  • To achieve our goals with uncompromised honesty and integrity.
  • To cherish our rich natural diversity, and promote responsible use of our natural resources.
d. Business goals and objectives
    Briza Publications has the following objectives:
  • We strive to publish (and keep in print) the best available title on a given topic, and at a reasonable price. A marked distinction must exist between a Briza title and that of any other publisher's attempt to cover the same topic.
  • To employ the most appropriate and up-to-date technology available to achieve the above,.applicable also to electronic and digital publications.
  • To develop and sustain a reliable delivery service with the objective to deliver orders to all major centers in South Africa within 5 to 7 working days and to individual customers within 10 days.
  • To increase annual sales substantially nationally and internationally.
  • To increase market share annually.
  • To expand our online bookshop in order to increase direct sales of Briza books.
  • Commitment to document the rich diversity and cultural importance of South Africa's fauna and flora.
a. Products
Briza Publications strive to serve a niche market with non-fictional titles in full colour, treating the subject matter in great depth but without sacrificing accessibility and readability. Briza specialises in titles on botany and natural history, and as such achieved a reputation for high quality production, practical approach and informative content. As a result, our books appeal to both the layman and the more specialist or academic reader.

Due to comprehensive content and high quality production, our publications also enjoy international appeal, and Briza established a loyal following among overseas readers interested in South African flora.

At present, the publications list comprises more than 100 titles that includes definitive identification guides on medicinal plants, food plants, poisonous plants, indigenous trees, indigenous garden plants, problem plants, wildflowers and plant groups such as the aloes, acacias and mesembs. Briza also publishes books on gardening, ecology, tourism and natural history, including books on mammals, reptiles and birds.

Marula Books is an imprint of Briza Publications since 2005. Titles of a more general or popular nature, such as Muthi & Myths from the African Bush by Heather Dugmore and Ben-Erik van Wyk, Natuur-lik! by Erik Holm and Knowledge Beats Cancer by Albert Alberts, are published under the Marula Books imprint.

Briza Academic Books is the latest imprint of Briza Publications. It was established in 2007 as a vehicle to publish scientific material that would normally not be commercially viable, but would contribute significantly to the body of published work in the field of Natural Sciences. This is realised through generous contributions and sponsorships. The high standard of the content, coupled with the fine reputation of Briza Publications driving this initiative, is proving to be a winning combination, as showcased by the recent publication of Bacterial Diseases of Plants in South Africa. The Dictionary of names for southern African trees is a flagship title under this imprint.
b. Services
  • We have a permanent publishing team to develop and conceptualise the ideas of our authors into a successful product.
  • We have a permanent marketing team to assist our authors in promoting their books.
  • Briza has its own warehouse and distribution department, and we supply Exclusive Books, CNA and other leading bookshops and distributors.
  • Our online bookshop offers a secure, reliable and safe ordering facility where bookshops and private clients can order any Briza titles.
c. Business Competitiveness
Our three biggest strengths are our specialist authors, high quality products, and quick and efficient service delivery. Over the last few years we have had great success in establishing co-publishing partnerships with leading overseas publishers.
a. Members

Eben van Wyk

Stephanus Smal

Ben-Erik van Wyk

Christo Reitz
b. Office Personnel

* Head Office

Christo Reitz
General Manager

Diana Venter
Finance Officer

Marissa Meyer

Benoit Knox

Jamie Senekal
Warehouse / Despatch

Magdalena Smal
Reception / Customer Service

Elize Olckers
Orders / Admin

Francina Molomo
Packer / Cleaner

Solly Maswanganyi
Packer / Gardener
* Foreign Rights Office

Eben van Wyk
Foreign Rights Manager
* Marketing Representative

Amanda Guest

(North West, Limpopo, Mpumalanga & selected shops in Gauteng)

Owen Early
(Free State, Northern Cape and selected shops Gauteng)

Vicky Lötter
(Western Cape)

Mariana van Wyk
(Selected shops in Johannesburg)

Mary Hughes
(Kwazulu-Natal, Eastern Cape)

No Image

Angela Hofmeyer
(Namibia Book Market)

Amanda Guest

(Selected shops in Pretoria region)
* Consultants
Design and Layout
Website and online bookshop
a. Customer List in South Africa
b. List of International customers and co-production partners
  • Medpharm Publishers (Germany)
  • Medpharm Publishers (Poland)
  • Florilegium (Australia)
  • Marshall Cavendish (Singapore)
  • Shinilbooks (South Korea)
  • Global Book Marketing (UK)
  • CAB International (UK)
  • University of Chigaco Press (USA)
  • Biologische Heilnuttel Heel (Germany)
  • Verlag J. Neuman-Neudamm (Germany)
  • Blooming Books (Australia)
  • Quintet Publishing (UK)
  • Millenium House (Australia)
  • Dorling Kindersley (UK)
  • Editura MAST (Romania)
c. Projects

South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI):
  • Trees of the Year poster
  • Book Festival
d. International Book Fairs
Briza Publications has been represented at the annual Frankfurt Book Fair since 2000, and at the Cape Town Book Fair since its inception in 2006.

Thank you for taking the time to read our company profile. If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.
121 Soutpansberg Road
South Africa