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UPDATE YOUR Callfinder® Sound File
Please select the sound file you wish to update from the list here below and complete the form to register your free download for your Callfinder®
MAMMAL GUIDE of Southern Africa - sound file January 2018 (View sound updates)

Sappi Birds of South Africa - sound file November 2016 (31 new & 12 improved calls - View sound updates)
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HOW TO UPDATE OR UPLOAD YOUR NEW SOUND FILE ON YOUR Callfinder®: To upload an enhanced sound file from Briza's website when notified that such a sound file is available.
A new sound file must be bought, the upgrades are free.
Upgrading can also be done directly at Briza Bookshop, 121 Soutpansberg Road, Riviera, Pretoria 0084 ; Mon - Fridays; 8:00-16:00.

Please read the instructions carefully before you start the process
1. Download the new sound file via Internet
  • Use the website link sent to you. Type/copy the link into your Internet Browser
  • Do not click repeatedly on the "Download Here" button. The download procedure takes time.
  • Should you experience difficulty to download your sound file with your browser, try Google Chrome or Firefox as your default browser.
  • Before you start the download process, ensure you know where the 'Downloads' folder is located on your computer - that is where you / or the computer (automatically), will save the new down-loaded sound file (.bnl file).

2. Once you have downloaded the latest sound file from the web, you are ready to update/upload the sound file onto your Callfinder®.
Connect the Callfinder® to the computer, using the Callfinder® USB cable.
The computer will identify the Callfinder® drive as an External drive / USB / Removable disc 'F' - the F can also be another alphabet letter. Double click to open your Callfinder® drive.

3. Three options will appear:
  • Book
  • MP3
  • Record

4. Double click the Book folder to open it.

5. Delete the specific old .bnl sound file.

6. Copy the new down-loaded .bnl file (do not attempt to open the bnl. file) from the Downloads folder and paste the file into the Book folder of the Callfinder®.OR drag (do not open the bnl. file) the down-loaded file into the Book folder of the Callfinder®. Ensure that the Book folder contains only the latest sound files (for instance, Mammal file (24MB) or file (159MB). Delete the older versions.
7. Close the Book and disconnect the Callfinder®.

Switch between different sound files More than one sound file can be stored on your Callfinder®.

The .bnl sound files on the Callfinder® are not stored in a specific order. Therefore, there may be a time lapse switching from one sound file to another.
Remember: Only the photos in SAPPI Birds of South Africa and in The Mammal Guide of Southern Africa are sound activated, not the text. Both the illustrations and text - where indicated - are sound activated in Blinktand van Bosveldparadys. Step 1: Switch the Callfinder® on by pressing and holding the On/off switch for 3 seconds - a blue indicator light will come on which indicates that the Callfinder® is ready to be used. Do not press the On/Off power button again while waiting for the blue light to come on or at any time while the Callfinder® is in use.

Switch On
Step 2: Switching from one sound file to another. Option 1: Switch by touching the book's front cover.
  • Touch the front cover with the Callfinder® tip for approximately 8 seconds. The specific book's sound file will be activated.
Allow 3 to 4 seconds before touching a photo and/or text (where applicable) in the book.
Switch to another sound ready book by repeating the procedure. A short time lapse may be experienced when switching from one .bnl sound file to another.
Option 2: Using the volume button to choose another sound file. To switch between different sound files, firmly press the volume arrow on the white ring around the On/Off switch once and let go. The next sound file will be activated. Repeat till the desired sound file responds to touching of a photo or text with the Callfinder® tip.
Step 3: Activating sound from a photo or text.
    Hold the Callfinder® vertical to the encoded photo or text. (Please do not press the On/Off power button!). Touch the selected photo or text with the tip of the Callfinder®. The specific sound will be played from sound file. In the few cases of a photo or text not yet encoded, either a beep sound wi;;be heard or there will be no sound at all. Briza will continuously upgrade the sound files as sounds become available. Upgraded sound files will be available from time to time. Please visit our website to take note of any new upgrades available for downloading. To hear the next sound, simply touch the next relevant picture or text with the tip of the Callfinder®, while still holding the Callfinder® in a vertical position.
To switch off the Callfinder® To switch the Callfinder® off, press the center of the On/Off power button for about 3 seconds. The blue light will switch off and a tone will sound to indicate that the Callfinder® is switched off

Switch off
Recharging the battery To recharge the Callfinder® battery, connect the USB cable and charger to the callfinder. Plug in at a household electrical power outlet, or USB port in your car, or on your computer and charge for 2-3 hours.
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