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Cut Flowers of the World
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Review By: Flora Cultural International - October 2010

A new overview on the most important cut flowers and foliages is published by Briza Publications South Africa written by Johannes Maree and Ben Erik van Wyk. 
Johannes Maree is a plant physiologist, Ben Erik van Wyk is professor of botany at the University of Johannesburg.
In a handsome overview of 400 pages the authors give us 700 full colour pictures of the most important cut flower and foliages species. Perhaps for the professionals the most interesting are the many different foliages published in the book. More and more different natural foliages from all kind of origin: trees and vegetables and wheat arable and fruit plants come into our bouquets and are used in all other flower and plant designs. 

The book starts with interesting clear readable chapters. The authors give in short tips and information regarding the history, the emotions of flowers they call the language of flowers, the origin and main production areas. Information is given on breeding, growing and marketing and selling of flowers and plants. Important remarks are made on the post harvest treatment of cut flowers. 

330 relevant and important cut flowers are in the book described according to their main characteristics. 
Per species tips are given regarding quality criteria and Care and Handling.
The book is very useful as cut flower guide. Not for the well known species but especially for those species that are not so well know but can grow in importance. The South African Fijnbos population is represented as many other bedding an garden plants that enter or have a potential to enter into the known cut flower assortment. Many important but not so well known foliage species are given in the book. 

The most important function of the book is the guide function. The flowers and foliages are arranged alphabetically by their Latin = their international botanical names. Under the Latin name the English names are given. In the note on each page and in the index also the most common names are given in Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish. 
Easy to get into the book and find the flower or the foliage you are looking for. 
The size of the book is user-friendly: 17,5 x 24,5 cm. 

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South Africa