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Creative Gardening with Indigenous Plants (Revised edition)
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Review By: Landscape SA - Nov/Dec 2012

Now in its second edition, this is an invaluable handbook for South African gardeners, horticulturists and landscape designers. The authors set out to popularize the use of indigenous South African plants in gardens, parks, on roadsides and anywhere where previously exotic plants were preferred. 

The book covers more than 300 plants, all illustrated by full colour photographs showing the whole plant as well as selected features such as flowers, fruit, leaves and bark. The text comprises a description of each plant, its uses, folklore, and advice on cultivation. Introductory chapters cover topics such as propagating plants from seeds and cuttings, gardening in different climatic regions and using indigenous plants to attract birds and insects to the garden. Taking a practical approach using symbols, distribution maps, plant size and flower colour, the authors lead the reader to the correct plant to choose for the application, whether this be tree, shrub, annual, perennial, climber or water loving plant. 

The authors are Pitta Joffee and Tinus Oberholzer. Joffee is a botanist by profession with a keen interest in horticulture. She has authored a number of books on indigenous plants, including the first edition of this book. Oberholzer holds a degree in horticulture and has experience in propagation and production of nursery plants, as well as plant marketing. He is co-owner of Plantae Orchids, a nursery specializing in orchids and rare and unusual plants, with a special interest in indigenous flora. 

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