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Creative Gardening with Indigenous Plants (Revised edition)
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Review By: Africa Wild July 2004

South Africa possesses the world's largest variety of indigenous plant. In this beautifully produced book, Pitta Joffe brings together a remarkable collection of indigenous trees, shrubs, climbers and flowering plants to give local gardeners the opportunity to fully appreciate and utilize this treasure chest of indigenous flora. The book includes not only established favourites but also many lesser-known species that will amaze the reader with their beauty and idversity.

  • The book covers more than 300 species of indigenous plants in detail, with descriptive text and more than 900 stunning full colour photographs for easy identification.
  • Detailed species accounts included a description of tha plant, advice on how to cultivate it in the garden, information on the uses of each plant as well as the plant's natural distribution and habitat.
  • Up-to-date distribution maps show the natural range of each plant, while a range of icons offers an easy overview of the plant's size and shape, its cultivation requirements, uses, flower colour, flowering time and other special features.
  • Introductory chapters include an overview of South Africa's deferent gardent biomes, advice on how to propagate plants and chapters on gardening for birds and butterflies. The Book 
  • the most comprehensive selection of indigenous trees, shrubs, flowering plants, climbers and water palnts available to local gardeners.
  • The user-friendly format and numerous colour photographs - up to six photographs for some species - make the book a joy to read and use.

The Author 
Well-known gardening author Pitta Joffe is a botanist by profession with a keen interest in horticulture and nature photography. Her first book, The Gardener's Guide to South African Plants, now out of print, was a bestseller. She is a Scientific Information Officer with the National Botanical Institute in Pretoria. 

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