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Review By: Landscape SA March 2005

From algae to organic gardening, earthworms to water features, this is a simple-to-follow alphabetically arranged guide to maintaining the typical South African garden. It covers aspects such as feeding an pruning, how to conserve water, sow seed, care for indoor and outdoor plants, companion planting and the links between plants and the signs of the zodiac. The book also contains environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional garden care practices, together with an experienced horticulturist's tips on how to achieve and maintain a garden to be proud of. This is more than simply a 'bookcase' book: it is an everyday, essential guide to better garden results. Whether you live near the sea or in the dry interior, garden on a farm or in the tiny space of a third floor flat, there will be valuable information relevant to the needs of your garden space. 

Author Lynton Johnson has been practicing landscape design and horticulture for more than 40 years and believes it is possible for everybody to garden successfully and enjoyably, if given the correct information. He has traveled, worked and lectured extensively, both locally and abroad. "Never too old to learn' and 'gardening should be fun' are two mottos he lives by, and he hopes that this book will help some of this feeling to rub off onto other gardeners.

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