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A Guide to Animal Diseases in South Africa: Game
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Review By: Afgriland - Jan/Feb 2011

In A Guide to Animal Diseases in South Africa: Game author and veterinarian, Pamela Oberem, covers the most common diseases and parasites of mammalian wildlife species generally kept on game farms. 

Topics in this 144 page, soft cover book range from species kept by game farmers, the importance of ecosystems, game farm management to problem animals and the raising of orphaned wildlife species. 

There is alos a section on common non-infectious conditions such as nutritional problems, trauma and capture myopathy. 

The cause, symptoms, treatment and control measures of specific infectious diseases (pertaining to herbivores, equids, porcines and carnivores) are discussed, with special reference to diseases that limit the distribution of wildlife species because of their impact on commercial livestock farming. 

The book wouldn't be complete without a focus on the effect of parasites on various species and the preventative measures for introducing resistant parasites, as well as the causes of wildlife poisoning, by means of indigenous and exotic plants, and various chemicals. 

Also featured are close to 200 photographs, illustrations, maps and parasite life cycles, which include illustrations on the symptoms or post mortem lesions for the major diseases. 

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