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Clivia: Nature and Nurture (CD Rom)
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Review By: Tourism & Lyfestyle 2014 Issue 6

Clivia: Nature and Nurture by Dirk Swanevelder and Rodger Fisher.

This book presents the anatomical and genetic make-up of the plant in layman's terms, which serves also as a model for many plant species. It introduces growers to the principles and practices specific to the genus as well as aspects of pests, diseases and their management. This volume clearly identifies and characterises all the species, describing all varieties, habitats, distributions, ecology and endemism - with an emphasis on South African origins, ecology and habitat. In studying some of the MOST BEAUTIFUL AND PRIZED COLOUR CLIVIA VARIANTS, I wondered why then, when the colour variant is a golden wildebeest, some vilify the breeding thereof?

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