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10/10 GARDENING SERIES -Book 2: Lets start gardening
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Review By: SA Garden - February 2009

The handy 10/10 Gardening Series covers a variety of practical gardening topics in convenient, small-format books that can be kept at your side while working in the garden. In each book the secrets of successful gardening are summarized in ten key concepts. Books one to four are now available, starting with Plan Your Garden, a no-fuss guide to determining the size and style of your garden, making plans with unsightly areas, and choosing plants. The second book is Let's Start Gardening - here you get your fingers in the ground with preparing, planting and building. In book three, My Garden Needs Water, the various ways of watering your garden are explored. It answers questions such as, what are the benefits of a handheld system versus irrigation? And can you just let nature take its course? Book four,Choose Plants For Your Garden, shows you what trees, groundcovers, shrubs and flowers you should choose for your garden, and where to plant them. 

This series aim to inspire and equip gardeners across the country with the knowledge and know-how to create a beautiful garden of their own.

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