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Remarkable Reptiles of South Africa
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Review By: Afgriland - July/Aug 2013

South Africa has the greatest number of species of land tortoises of any place on Earth, and ranks fifth in the world with regard to overall number of reptile species. The total of 363 species ranges from tiny animals weighing less than 1g to the giant Nile crocodile, which may achieve a mass of 1000kg, and also includes some of the most poisonous species on the planet. 

Remarkable Reptiles of South Africa offers a glimpse (and 200 colour photographs) into the world of snakes, lizards, chameleons, tortoises, terrapins and crocodiles and hopes to provide a greater insight into the behaviour of these often maligned animals. Many reptiles, especially snakes, receive unjust treatment because of attacks on humans, while anthropogenic causes, which are far more lethal, tend to be less emphasised. 

Hopefully this 160-page, soft cover book by Niels Jacobsen will contribute to, and instill respect and interest in the remarkable diversity of reptiles with which South Africa has been blessed.

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