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Remarkable Insects of South Africa
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Review By: Environmental Management - July/Aug 200

Insects represent the most successful, the most abundant and some of the most remarkable life forms on Earth. They pollinate plants, break down decaying vegetation, aerate the soil, remove animal remains and form an important source of nourishment for birds, reptiles, frogs and some mammals. 

South Africa has a great diversity of insect live and this book serves to introduce the reader to the amazing and sometimes bizarre but invariably intriguing world of insects through high quality, digital, macro-photography - accompanied by informative text. Written from the viewpoint of a naturalist, rather than a scientist, the author presents both scientific facts and personal observations. 

Lamber Smith, an avid naturalist and amateur entomologist, has more than 40 years experience as a professional photographer. Retired, he now specializes in photographing insect life and is currently working towards building up a comprehensive database of digital photographs of South African insects. His website of insect photographs can be visited at 

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