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Remarkable Insects of South Africa
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Review By: Afgriland May/June 2009

Even though South Africa has an impressive diversity of insect life in the water, air and soil, very few of us really take the time to stand still and examine them in detail. On top of that, we are only aware of a small percentage of these amazing creatures that surround us, and often overlook their impressive intricacy. 

In Lambert Smith's soft cover book, Remarkable Insects of South Africa, he opens up a whole new world with more than 420 full-colour photographs. The book introduces the reader to many of the more common and interesting species, featuring many unique, never before published phototgraphs. High quality digital macro-photography is accompanied by informative text to guide you on your fascinating journey of the intriguing insect realm. The book also presents scientific facts and personal abservations, in an easily understandable, interesting manner. 

As an internationally published photographer who has trained n South Africa, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland, Smith has more than 40 years' experience as a professional photographer. An avid naturalist and amateur entomologist, he now specialises in photopraphing insect life. 

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