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Problem Plants and Alien Weeds of Southern Africa
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Review By: Stoep Talk - James Clarke - 28 January 2011

Than Benign Weed 

Reader Hugh farquharson asked "whether it is a preponderance of white or pink cosmos daisies that predicts a cold and early winter? Or is it a myth?"
I am sure it's a myth.
But I have long wondered whether the deep purple cosmos is becoming extinct.
By happy coincidence I have just received a seriously beautiful and comprehensive book, Problem Plants and Alien Weeds in South Africa by Clive Bromilow.

It says the colours of the "dazzling autumnal displays" of cosmos along our roads are random and have nothing to do with the nature of the soil or climate.
And the purple ones have always been uncommon.
Cosmos is from Central America and the West Indies and came over in 1900 during the Anglo-Boer War. 

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