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Problem Plants and Alien Weeds of Southern Africa
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Review By: Simply Green - Nov/Dec 2010

This is a straight-down-the-line handling of an important topic in terms of maintaining our regional and local biodiversity and resisting the damaging effects of alien invasives which are rife across this country. Systematically laid out, with clear and concise pictograms containing key information, images of whole plants and plant parts for each offending species, this book provides all the necessary information, leaning heavily towards natural methods of controlling these problem plants. The need for their control is a given and the methodology is most frequently driven by practicality, cost and the perceived level of threat of nay given species, especially to commercial farming. So there's an almost inevitable and inherent bias towards existent and widespread use of conventional herbicides and other bio-control technologies. That being said, this book is an essential reference source for anyone dealing with the complex and knotty problem of invasive plant and alien control and as such deserves its place on the shelf of most serious organic gardeners, farmers and just about anyone involved in agribusiness, agriculture, agronomy and ecology.

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