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Medicinal Plants of the World
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Review By: Star 1 May 2004

THIS hardcover reference book is magnificent! Granted, most of us will probably not venture into the wilderness to pick shrubs and herbs to treat our ailments, but the facts contained within this book are invaluable, not to mention remarkably interesting. Did you know that onions can treat loss of appetite; digestive disturbances; insect stings; dysentery, wounds, scars; keloids, asthma and diabetes, to mention a few? In the first part of Medicinal Plants; we are given a complete A-Z of every known plant with medicinal qualities. The book references the plant's common names as well as their botanical ones. Information on each plant includes a description; parts used; therapeutic category; uses and properties; preparation and dosage; active ingredients; pharmacological effects and their status. 

The second half of the book comprises descriptions of health disorders and the plants used to treat them. It also has a chapter on secondary metabolites and their effects which is rather complex and will be lost on you unless you have a passion for chemistry.

Lastly, there is a quick guide to commercialized medicinal plants which gives you brief information and a glossary of chemical, medicinal and pharmaceutical terms. The pictures in the book make the plans easy to identify, and its content is absolutely fascinating.

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