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Making the Most of Indigenous Trees (Third Revised Edition)
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Review By: Agri Boeke/Books - Des/Dec 2012 - Jan 2013

More than 140 indigenous trees are discussed in detail with the following information provided for each tree:

  • A detailed species description, diagnostic features, flowering and fruiting periods, natural distribution and habitat.
  • The ecological role and utilisation by mammals, birds and insects.
  • Economic value and use by people, including use in gardens and on the farm, as a source of food for humans and animals, fiber and medicine.
  • Properties of the wood and its utilization.
  • Specific guidelines on propagation and cultivation of each species.
  • A map indicating the distribution in South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho is given for each species.
  • The book also include an introductory section on tree propagation by seen, cuttings and truncheons, a table on the utilisation of indigenous trees by wildlife, references for further reading and an index to the common and botanical names.

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