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Guide to Grasses of southern Africa (Revised edition)
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Review By: Agri - Feb/March 2012

The identification of grasses becomes important during land management, as the various grass species differ in their grazing value and other ecological functions. 
Furthermore, weedy grasses react differently to different herbicides and therefore need to be correctly identified. 
This book, Guide to Grasses of southern Africa, is the most comprehensive colour identification guide to the common grasses of southern Africa and includes, among others, the following features:

  • Descriptions and illustrations of the 320 most important grasses in southern Africa
  • An easy-to-use grass identification key
  • More than 1000 excellent photographs in full colour
  • Thirteen short, fully illustrated introductory chapters with general information on grasses
  • Common names of grasses in indigenous languages
  • Icons that enable the reader to obtain certain information at a glance.

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