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Review By: Landscape - February 2009

Succulents and rockery plants have become very popular for their ease of cultivation, diversity of forms and striking colours. This scientifically accurate photographic guide is aimed at helping gardeners and horticulturists to easily identify commonly used species from all over the world. The book includes:

  • descriptions of more than 300 well-known succulent plants and their close relatives;
  • details about the main succulent plant families that will allow nay reader to determine at a glance the family to which a succulent belongs;
  • more than 500 full colour photographs showing the distinctive shapes and colours of the plants;
  • introductory chapters on the uses, conservation, cultivation and propagation of succulents, together with a section on gardening with succulent, giving useful hints;
  • the main section deals with all major succulent plant families, how they can be identified and which main groups (genera and species) belong to each of them.

Gideon Smith is a well-known authority on succulent plants and an author of several books on the subject. He holds the position of research director at the South African National Biodiversity Institute at the University of Pretoria. Ben-Erik van Wyk is a professor of botany at the University of Johannesburg. He has a research interest in systematic botany and has written several books on the diversity and uses of plants.

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