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Growers Guide to Carnivorous Plants
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Review By: Wild en Jag February 2007

The Complete Grower's Guide to Carnivorous Plants takes the reader on a journey into the fascinating world of carnivorous plants.

Consisting of 224 pages, this American publication provides details of over 600 species, hybrids and cultivars of carnivorous plants. It takes a close look at the natural history of carnivorous plants: how they could have evolved, how they interact with insects and other animals, and how the reader can view them in the wild. It is beautifully illustrated with magnificent full-colour photographs, most of them taken by the author.
The Complete Grower's Guide to Carnivorous Plants is a comprehensive guide to identifying and growing carnivorous plants, including instructions on how to create pot habitats or bog gardens.
This is an unusual, fascinating coffee table book to add to your collection.

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