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Food Plants of the World
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Van Wyk (botany, Univ. of Johannesburg, and coauthor, Medical Plants of the World, CH, Sep'04, 42-0035) presents a superbly illustrated guide to more than 350 commercially important plants that are sources of cereals, nuts, fruits, vegetables, drinks, herbs, and spices. The photos distinguish this work from similar titles. Most plants have three photographs clearly illustrating the different plant parts used, and in some cases different varieties, the entire plant or tree, or finished products as they may appear in a store or in a crop. Encyclopedic in nature, this work dedicates a page to each plant. Listed n alphabetic order by scientific name (with the common name below it), each entry includes sections on physical description, origin and history, parts used, cultivation and harvesting, uses and properties, nutritional value, and some miscellaneous notes. The footer of each lists the family name and the common name translated into several foreign languages. Glossary included. Summing Up: Recommended. Lower- and upper-division undergraduates; general readers. 

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