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Food Plants of the World
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Review By: Northwest Roundup

Here is another in the series of excellent plant books from Portland's Timber Press. It is a compact encyclopedia providing details on more than 350 edible plants and their relatives.
There are chapters on cereals, legumes, nuts and seeds, fruits, vegetables, culinary herbs, spices and flavors, beverages and a special chapter on sugars, gums, gels and starches.

These chapters are followed by an alphabetical listing of all the plants and a section on diet and health.
The text is by a South African expert, who also took many of the 1,00 color photos in the book. 
The text, while detailed, is easy to read an well organized. There is information everywhere. Asparagus, for instance, produces flowers and fruits.

The star anise, extinct in the wild, is an evergreen tree.
The pomegranate grows on a shrub, and nearly every part of the plant has a use.

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