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Flora: A Gardeners Encyclopedia
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Review By: SA Gardening October 2004

At last, a South African produced plant encyclopedia with all the information you need to know on more that 20 000 plants. It is organized in an A-Z format by botanical names, each entry providing a detailed description of the plant and its features, notes on origin, cultivation requirements, growth habit, propagation an pests and diseases. The use of symbols in the entries makes them very accessible for easy reference.

The introduction discusses South Africa's gardening tradition and show how the world's 12 hardiness zones work. It looks at the environment and gives expert guidance on these zones with plant nomenclature, plant geography and classification. There are also lists of suitable plants for growing in specific areas, for example tropical, dryland an seaside gardens. The introduction also gives suggestions for garden design and how to use the huge variety of plants available, covering all the plant groups.

Flora is written by a team of international botanical and horticultural writers with Keith Kirsten as chief consultant. This book will help you choose the perfect plants for your garden and expand your knowledge on the suitable plants available for you particular environment. Included with the book is a CD containing images and hand-on information. The magnificent colour photographs are the perfect complement to the text. 

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