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Field Guide to the Acacias of South Africa
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Review By: Veld & Flora - September 2009

The charismatic thorn trees of the African veld have been immortalized in many books. Yet this most familiar of all genera of Africa, Acacia, was under threat of being lost to Australian members of the genus. Africa was to be left with unfamiliar names for the African members of the genus. It is a complicated story but Nico Smit lays out the issues clearly in this book. The fieldguide has clear, descriptive text in a pleasing open format. The detailed photographs of bark, leaves, thorns, flowers and fruits are ideal for identification and the distribution maps are unambiguous. The habit/habitat photographs are also clear and helpful, but the extensive use of a polarizing filter for these photographs accentuate the blue sky in many of the images to their detriment. If you are visiting the bushveld, buy the book and spend some carefree hour identifying Africa's beloved thorn trees. 

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