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Review By: Environmental Management - January/February 2010

South Africa is a country as diverse as its people and this guide is a highly comprehensive introduction to the wildlife and cultural destinations we have to offer. It contains explanations of the ecoregions of the country, and a map indicating their locality, and all the major reserves and parks are described in conjuction with a map showing their locations and demarcating the major river systems. These two maps are positioned in the front and back of the book. 

Southern Africa has six huge game and nature reserves, comprising about 200 000km? , as well as 300 national and provincial nature reserves and thousands of private reserves. The Kruger Park is of course the biggest at 20 000km? and after that the Garden Route National Park at 15 000km?, with Tswalu Kalahari Reserve coming in as the biggest private reserve at 1000 km? - and also part of the newly opened Diamond Route. 

This latest Ecoguide in the Briza series with its wonderful and plentiful photographs is also available in Afrikaans and German and is already for sale in major bookstores countrywide in time for the World Cup. 

You can organise your own lion safari, discover the best water holes, find out how to negotiate the endless 'Elephant Road', what Ecotrain Rides are available, where to go bungee jumping and how to plan a visit to one of our numerous national or regional parks so as to get the best out of the sojourn. The Ecoguide provides the necessary contact details to make bookings, after making choices from the information given on each area. Each wildlife destination includes a short list of birds typically found in the area, including some rare sightings and any endemics. The climate of the area is alos described. 

The book is organised province by province and contains interest, such as the availability of trips by donkey cart in the Cedarberg Wilderness Area, whale watching opportunities on the Cape coast, vulture restaurants, trekking on horseback in Lesotho, hot-air balloon safaris, signposted bicycle tracks on Table Mountain and the breeding centre for Wild Dog an Cheetah at De Wildt near Rustenburg. It also provides distances, best rountes and other travelling tips. 

August Sycholt is a freelance writer and photographer, whosw work focuses on human diversity, the wildlife and the fascinating landscape of southern Africa. He has experienced these on his countless safaris. He is the author and photographer of numerous photographic books, travel guides, magazine articles and documentary films. He has continuously drawn attention to the plight of the aminals in Africa's threatened wilderness.

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