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Ecoguide - Namaqualand
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Review By: Constantiaberg Bulletin - 30 April 2009

Visiting Namaqualand in the flower season means lugging many guidebooks - flowers, birds, geology, insects, mammals, reptiles, history plus a map, with Ecoguide Namaqualand you only need one. The book is compiled by widely recognised illustrators and flower photographer John Manning, a research botanist at Kirstenbosch. This easy to use guide comprises everything you need to explore what has become a tourist attraction af the country. 

Famous for its displays of spring annuals, Namaqualand is a narrow stretch of country along the southwest coast, from the Olifants River to the Orange River. It is home to a unique collection of approximately 3000 species of wildflowers and one of nature's most splendid displays that is without equal in the world. This guide covers more than 200 wildflowers, shrubs and trees - the ones that are most likely to attract your attention. A travel advisor provides information on Natianal Parks, nature reserves and other prime viewing destinations, to enable visitors to make the most of their visit. Despite being a botanist, the author gives a quick guide to wildflower groups and simple descriptions of plants, grouped by colour and with a glossary and index. This guide is sure to tempt you to get in your car and go, but you'll have to wait until the end of August.

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