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Easy Guide to Landscape Design for the Home Owner
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Review By: Afgriland Jan/Feb 2012

Landscape design isn't so much about guaranteeing the creation of the 'perfect design every time'. It's rather about a series of guidelines and suggestions that will help you save time and money and reduce the frustrations resulting from too many design forms. 

Beautifully and simply set out, Easy Guide to Landscape Design for the Home Owner by Lynton Johnson provides guidelines for both new and experienced home owners. It takes the home owner through a series of logical, yet important steps intended to make garden design a joy rather than a mystery. It deals with site analysis, plant functions and choices, hard landscape options, thoughts on garden revamping as well as realistic scenarios for costing a project and pointers on where to find professional assistance if stuck with a problem. Water-saving concepts, ways to encourage wildlife, and thoughts on environmental or regional approaches to garden design are also included alongside a list of current invader plant and useful contacts in South Africa. 

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