Botany for Gardeners

AUTHORS: Brian Capon
ISBN: 978-1-875093-53-3
EXTENT: 240 pages
FORMAT: 288mm x 152 mm
Soft cover. Full-colour photographs. Line Drawings.

Only South African Selling Rights

Botany for Gardeners offers a clear explanation of how plants grow.
  • What happens inside a seed after it is planted?
  • How are plants structured?
  • How do plants adapt to their environment?
  • How is water transported from soil to leaves?
  • Why are minerals, air and light important for healthy plant growth?
  • How do plants reproduce?
The answers to these and other questions about complex plant processes, written in everyday language, allow gardeners and horticulturists to understand plants from the 'plant's point of view'. An appendix on plant taxonomy, detailed glossary and comprehensive index make this an essential reference book for serious gardeners.


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